Kickass golf course CAFOs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says, having stalled in his attempt to convert cemeteries into golf courses—imagine the bounces, he is now directing his energies to turning the state’s golf courses into CAFOs.  An early conversion is suggested for Madison’s elite Maple Bluff Country Club where the resulting aromas of a pig CAFO might enrich the air wafting past the Governor’s mansion and the Capital.

In a related matter, since it is inevitable that, under the head-in-the-sand policies of the Walker gang, Chronic Wasting Disease is on the way to destroying the Wisconsin deer herd, it will be necessary to fill the woods with something for hunters to hunt, maybe pigs.

This could be done, of course, by simply opening the gates of the pig CAFOs.  Game laws are already in place that would make it lawful to chase pigs with hounds, which, considering that pigs are not easily treed, could be more fun than golfing.


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