Kickass goodbye Barbara and Millie

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the rest of the world in saying a very respectful goodbye to Barbara Bush, who lived and died on her own terms.  She was decency personified and she identified with people at all social and economic levels, and she liked dogs.

Once when her dog Millie wrote a book to promote literacy, Barbara came to Chicago to promote it, and the keeper as a Trib columnist saw column material in the fact that several days earlier, Barbara’s husband  George, as Veep, had fallen down in a Milwaukee bowling alley, which had made for a lot of joking news.

In a one-on-one interview in her plush hotel suite, Barbara wanted to talk about literacy and was on to the smart-ass Trib columnist in a second, declining his request  to suggest to Midwestern wives what they should say to a husband after  he falls down in a bowling alley.  It was not the keeper’s finest moment, and he belatedly apologizes to Barbara, and to Millie.

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