Kickass great-grandson tragedy

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper took a pleasurable look at a great grandson at a recent family gathering and he—the keeper came close to crying, not because he didn’t get a second piece of cake, but at the thought of what Tyler is going face as the result of the incredible harm being done to his country, environmentally and otherwise, by the current Repub wrecking crews on both the State and National levels.

At his age, the keeper could ride out a tsunami of sewage, but for Tyler there are the incredible challenges of, first, saving the Republic and its beauty, and then attempting to restore its integrity and basic decency.

Is there no way for the old keeper to block the political harbor to at least delay or even mitigate the inevitable devastating flood of debris and garbage that is headed for Tyler? Kickass suggests he—the keeper could chain himself to something, maybe a sewage treatment plant somewhere, with a sign that says, “ENOUGH!”


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