Kickass greedy medicine men

Kickass, the doorstop dog, does not take great pleasure in pointing out just how incredibly stupid the keeper’s species is, but a “60 Minutes” reminder about how the drug companies have bamboozled the populace to the point of killing the children and the infirmed in the name of profit was just too much.

With their corporate impunity in hand, the pharms are exactly like the medicine men of primitive tribes playing on the innocence and stupidity of the tribe at large, in particular its troubled members, while collecting much of the tribal treasure.

There is all the noise and excitement about the NRA and gun guys’ role in killing kids, but the drug industry is worse, much worse.  The kid—and all-age killing is done with greater stealth and deviousness and nobody is ever accountable.  The system to correct such things may be broken but at its heart is our very own stupidity in allowing these greedy voodoo medicine men to run among us with impunity..


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