Kickass Green Curtain

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the great green curtain has fallen and behind it the greatest show on Earth begins: sex and violence, suffering and pathos enough for a hundred Shakespeare’s, limitless comedy that nobody thinks is funny but the loon laughs anyway.

The show is mostly under wraps and that’s the way Mother Nature wants it: the curtain down and no audience to play to.  You can, of course, peek behind the curtain but you won’t see or hear much, just an occasional flash of color or a high-pitched chirp from somewhere high up in the tent show canopy.

Better to go along with the reversal of the standard show business tactic and do not intrude.  Simply try to imagine all that is going on in the expansive green backstage.

That is the ultimate way to envelope yourself in this hidden seasonal extravaganza: try–futilely of course, to imagine its dimensions and know that you are as much a part of the show as a baby skunk or a spotted fawn.


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