Kickass greets morning with a song

Kickass, the doorstop dog, encourages the keeper to revise his response to the beginning of the day—particularly this Monday, by singing a song he learned from Miss Rosenberg in first grade rather than in ranting about billionaires adding $1 trillion to their holdings during the Covid pandemic while millions of workers lost their jobs, nearly 400,000 people died of the virus, and a demented POTUS directed thugs to trash the Capital in the cause of eliminating common sense and decency.

Ignoring the fact that one survey shows 45 percent of Republicans supported the deadly Capital travesty, and the apparent complicity from inside elements, the keeper notes that while there was plenty of chanting—all of it ugly and inane, there was no singing by the knuckle-dragging dunderheads.

The lyrics to Miss Rosenberg’s song seem particularly appropriate in marking yet one more morning when the populace seems tragically unable to do anything meaningful about the have-and-have-not divide, and the fact that a pig is in the house using the kitchen as a bathroom, and has been there for four years while we cowered in the bedroom.

Altogether now: “Good morning to you.  Good morning to you.  We’re all in our places, with sunshiny faces. Good morning to you.  Good morning to you.”

Kickass notes that the keeper’s singing voice may have gone the way of his ability to rant effectively, but singing may be a better way to greet a Monday morning, especially this one, and thanks are due to Miss Rosenberg for that.


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