Kickass gun insanity

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says his keeper more or less came apart after noting that a part of the state’s highest deliberative body had a serious discussion about the need to encourage people to bring more guns to school!

What is needed, according to the keeper is an amendment to repeal the 2nd amendment as was done with the 18th.  The 2nd amendment has become the refuge of the demented who still think “The Redcoats are coming.”

News of the need for more guns in schools was surrounded by other news of people killed and injured by gunfire all over the country, especially in Madison and Milwaukee.

Are we living in some kind of a dark comedy that has all of us bowing to the insanity of the NRA hierarchy?

A suggested 30th Amendment—Reserves the right for people to make decisions based on the collective intelligence instead of the perverse machinations of fringe elements.

The keeper says he might not survive the current level of cruel absurdity if the 18th had not been repealed.



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