Kickass gun slingers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper claims that if we cannot even manage to outlaw military type assault rifles capable of killing a hundred people– children/church goers, in one minute, then we cannot live as one tribe and need to put the NRA gun nuts into a fenced-in area where they can shoot at each other.

The mental health element is certainly a part of it all and it proves that we are ALL certifiably crazy for allowing a wild-west mentality to prevail and facilitate the demented gun slingers.

The 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is so much bullshit as interpreted by the gun crowd.  Trying to reduce the number of guns will not solve the problem of mass killings but maybe it might reduce the daily average of 90 gunshot deaths in this country, maybe just by one or two, which seems worthwhile.




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