Kickass gun solution to coronavirus

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is putting the finishing touches on his plan to use guns to help solve the coronavirus problem. The solution seemed so obvious, the keeper says, given that too many people are dying of the virus, there are more guns than people in the US, and the  POTUS is promoting racism, divisiveness and manhandling to the point that he obviously wants the citizenry involved in a shooting Civil War.

A population-surplus shootout seems not only inevitable but logical in a society that shrugs off 100 daily gun deaths featuring mass school shootings, and has an OK Corral mindset about addressing social problems. June 2020 recorded the highest US gun sales in history.

Since there are those who do not see guns as the solution to everything and do not own guns, there will need to be some redistribution but that should be easy, perhaps using Barr’s perverted Justice Department and the wide reach of POTUS tweets.

Once everyone has a gun, the coronavirus controlled shooting can begin, perhaps starting with the elderly as being slow moving and thus easier targets, and then moving on to the minorities, since, according to the POTUS gun gang, there are too many of them.

An added bit of related death-as-a-social-solution news is the recent revival of executions by Texas and Barr’s “justice” after a delay due to the coronavirus in prisons.  Witnesses to the executions are required to wear masks and will need to check their Glocks and six-shooters at the prison gates.  (Not “fake” news!)






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