Kickass guns for third graders

Kickass, the doorstop dog, with his special dog senses, has been able to smell out what is in the pipeline of the Wis. Repubs who are proposing concealed carry of guns without a permit and allowing more guns on school property: At the behest of the gun industry shills, otherwise called the NRA, the Wis. Repubs will ultimately propose that, from the third grade on, all students will be required to carry a gun to school.

The gun industry/NRA sees a huge market for cute little .22 caliber pistols for the third graders who could advance to .45’s and magnum pistols when their little hands get big enough to hold the grips.  This is in keeping with the NRA contention that the answer to gun problems is more guns.

Any student who shows up at school without his or her gun will be shot by a teacher, according to the NRA/Repub pipeline proposals.

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