Kickass has a go at sexism design

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that in the canine world. females do not take any crap from males, and he wonders at the absurdity of male dominance in the keeper’s species—just how that came about as those big human brains evolved enough to design modern plumbing and fly to the moon, and further, how abject sexism thrives across the planet in various outrageous forms despite having fallen off the Darwinian survival ladder centuries ago.

Kickass suggests a design flaw—an evolutionary travesty or a creationist absurdity in which both the womb and the mammary system were attached to the female, burdening her with awesome responsibilities and giving her a superior ability to see beyond herself and to the greater good of all tribal members, especially those she bears and rears.

The male, meanwhile, gets the ridiculous external genitalia that drains blood from his brain and makes him think he is so damn special that he has a right to treat women as little more than brainless receptacles for his arousal.  Had Kickass been in charge along the way, he might have given the penis to the women and the mammary system to the men.  That would sure as hell make for more interesting Senate confirmation hearings.

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