Kickass has a signature sunset

Kickass, the doorstop dog, may find it difficult to relate to commoners now that he has his own signature sunset, thanks to the limitless skill of Kyle who knows more about the keeper’s fancy camera than he—the keeper could ever hope to learn.

This speaks to how the keeper stumbles around in a tech world like a lost puppy.  Consider his recent efforts to  check out a couple of Craig’s list cars, driving many miles and spending hours, before realizing that “FWD” in a car ad does not mean four wheel drive, which he needs to navigate his driveway.  Front wheel drive would likely strand him down at the foot of the hill for most of the winter.

Kickass does not plan to flaunt his signature sunset, which Kyle made by manipulating a flashlight out on the deck with timed exposure, but Kickass and the keeper will look at it now and then, and consider maybe taking that old Kodak Brownie down off the relic shelf.


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