Kickass has been hacked

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the information that the keeper has apparently been “hacked” on Facebook, and since he is not sure what that means, he is appealing to Phyllis to save him from whatever nastiness is to follow.  It is the keeper’s unsophisticated assumption that being “hacked” is something like having your pants ripped off in a public setting, leaving you not only without your wallet but also your dignity and your basic identity to the point that it is necessary to restart your life from ground zero.

The keeper was born on……….

Phyllis says it is not necessary to go to that extreme, and she will change the keeper’s password and see that only “friends” and not the “public” have access to the flow of boundless wisdom from his posts.

She also cautions that harm might already have been done with phony messages from the “hackers,” which the keeper envisions as devils riding centaurs and wielding long spears.

Should “friends” note the keeper posting something more unusual than usual, ignore it and let Phyllis know about it  so she save the keeper from himself.

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