Kickass health care absurdity

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper recently returned from yet another visit to his health provider—the VA, and as usual he has nothing but praise for the way he was treated.  That has been the case for decades, from serious poison ivy to heart bypass and lots of other things.

Maybe part of it is that nobody in the VA system is trying to make a profit when the keeper needs health maintenance.   Isn’t that a little sick in itself, that some insurance company—with exorbitantly paid executives, is factored in to the cost of everyone’s health miseries?  Do they hold training seminars—“Cancer as a profit booster”?

The absurdity of the current health discussion among the Repubs, the keeper says,  is blatant proof that money can send people to early graves, whether they are ready or not, and he ain’t ready!



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