Kickass helps Joe and Kamala

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports working with the keeper to assist the Biden/Harris team in dealing with the dilemma of trying to bring the country together while also promoting social distancing.  Ignoring the occasional obvious canine influence, it is suggested that face masks be printed with some of the following mixed messages:

  1. “Lousy as an old dog, but anxious to make friends.”
  2. “Not using deodorant for patriotic and protective reasons.”
  3. “Come closer and hear about my All-American arthritis.”
  4. “Infrequent incontinence, but use Depends.”
  5. “Had bean soup and beer for breakfast.”
  6. “Coughing due to chewing raw garlic buds on last night’s pizza.
  7. “Hearing aids turned off, but can hear church bells, sirens and political insults.”
  8. “Six feet is proper social distancing and also the depth of a violator’s grave.”
  9. “My MAGAFPG hat stands for ‘My Age Gives Allowances For Passing Gas.”
  10. “I voted to restore decency and for women of all ages to smile at old men.”

Kickass and the keeper wish Joe and Kamala the best of luck.

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