Kickass high heels and neckties

Kickass, the doorstop dog, ever anxious to do good and reacting to a recent news item, feels compelled to compliment women for disdaining high-heeled shoes as they march for fairness and common sense, particularly in issues concerning reproduction.

So Kickass has figured out that the problem is the ridiculous neckties that men insist on wearing and which cut off the blood supply to their brains and causes them to do absolutely stupid things like pass laws and rules on how a woman can use her body.

The history of high heels notes that at one time they had a practical use in elevating the wearer above the excrement and mud in the environment, which is something the ladies might think about in this day and age.  Or they could just really tighten up those inane neckties until the men gasp for breath and promise not to act like complete dolts.

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