Kickass holds up pants for VA

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, just back from a visit to the Madison VA medical facility, is, as usual, so pleased and impressed with the treatment he received from the VA–for about half a century, that he would march around the house wearing his old Army uniform except that it has somehow drastically shrunk and there is no way to close the metal waist fastener or button up the Ike jacket.

So, at the risk of his old khaki pants falling down, the keeper constrains himself and looks in the mirror at his bypass scars and then at the overall image of an old soldier having been maintained in astoundingly good rig by a huge bureaucracy that has an impossible mission and is constantly beset by meddling politicians.

To a person, the VA staff is consistently patient and caring and professional, and the keeper salutes them all, holding his old khakis up with the other hand of course, and calling out a cadence for others to follow.



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