Kickass honors Ingle Jerde

Kickass, the doorstop dog, pauses with the keeper to honor the life of Ingle Jerde, a life-long friend who died recently at the age of 92.  In an age preoccupied with the lives of narcissistic oafs, Ingle lived his long life with abject decency and compassion, and the ability to excel at any physical challenge.  And he did it with one arm, having had his left arm amputated as a boy when he broke it in a fall from a haymow and gangrene set it.

With his special clubs, Ingle could drive a golf ball much beyond the keeper’s distance, his one-armed dexterity with fishing rods and shotguns was beyond belief, and his decency and skill as a father to his five children set an example for the keeper to aspire to.

And through it all, there was his laughter, ready to punctuate the moment with fun.  One of those moments was on a duck hunting trip with his friends in Prairie du Chien, one of whom–Bill also had only one arm.  The camp bull session had turned to fish stories, and Ingle was telling about a big northern pike he had caught, when he turned to Bill and said, “How big was that northern anyway?”  Ingle and Bill each held out their one arms to indicate a very big fish, and then they collapsed in laughter at the keeper’s reaction.

His family reported that Ingle lost the will to live after Eileen, his wife of 60 some years, died several years ago.  They were an incredible couple, and lived life to the fullest.

RIP, Ingle, and it is the keeper’s feeling that if you could locate Bill in the proximity of the big gate, and the two of you would tell St. Peter that northern pike story, you would both be shoo-ins.

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