Kickass hornet dies for trump

Kickass the Doorstop DogKickass, the doorstop dog, says his keeper is forever trying to find meaning in simple daily occurrences, and when a hornet buzzed his computer, even crawling under the keyboard, the keeper remained calm to the extent of assisting the hornet to freedom so it could fly up and continue its patrol of the windows.

Basking in the thought of what a kind and benevolent soul he was, the keeper then went about his usual business of frittering away the day.  Later he tried to sip at his cold coffee only to nearly swallow a drowned hornet.  What to make of this?

The keeper concluded that the hornet was a reincarnated Trump voter who had lost its sting and its mind and wanted to die, if not at the hands of a raging liberal with a flyswatter, then by drowning in a cup of his stale coffee.

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