Kickass humans pull Iditarod sleds

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has never been a fan of the Iditarod 1,000 mile dogsled race because of its convoluted arrangement of dogs pulling the sleds instead of humans.  You show me a dog that wants to run 1,000 miles through ice and snow and I will show you a demented dog.  (The race starts today.)

In the lengthy course of his ‘telling-the-story” career, the keeper once rode with and drove a dogsled team into the Alaska backcountry with a “pro” Iditarod guy, and he—the keeper reports the highlight of the winter trip was when 15 gallons of dog soup thawing out on a cabin stove tipped over onto him and his sleeping bag as he tried to sleep on the floor.

As seems all too often to be the case, the Iditarod is apparently becoming the victim of greed and money over-riding such considerations as animal cruelty, abuse, compassion and just plain old common decency, of which dogs seem to have more than people and therefore deserve to ride in the sleds.  “Mush on, you Homo SAPiens!”

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