Kickass in the brooder house

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is unable to resist the word play that has him “brooding about chicks” on this t-shirt February day. (Read on, Phyllis!)

He is, of course, making the long trip back to the days when at this time of the year the “brooder house” was a nice warm cozy place, teeming with tiny yellow “chicks” that were great company for an idling farm boy.

          And if you could scrounge up an earthworm and toss it in with the chicks there would be live entertainment until the chicks had fought for. worm possession until there was no piece of the worm left.

Though evidence is spotty, such “chick brooding” must have caused the pubescent keeper to ask how a tiny chick just out of the egg knows that worms are good to eat.

He still broods about that.

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