Kickass incorporates dog poop

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to be modest but feels that a Nobel or something is in order for his plan to incorporate dog parks so no dog or dog keeper could be held individually accountable for any dog poop since it would be a corporate responsibility and thus not important in the larger view of things.

Eyeballing the examples set by huge corporate banks, drug companies, CAFOs and communications entities, it is apparent that getting as big as possible removes all humane and common sense considerations and the possibility of jail for corporate big-wigs, in favor of the only thing that matters—profit, and so this is the way to go.

Further following the “go-corporate” line of how to advance civilization, the dog park corp. would hire lobbyists to promote laws making the accumulation of dog poop acceptable by EPA standards; and since corporations have been welcomed into the political arena by the Supreme Court, a PAC would be formed and financed under the name of “Scoop this!”



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