Kickass Indecency Dogs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says there is almost nothing dogs won’t do for humans to entertain them or help them deal with the travails of life—everything from so called sport hunting to finding their cadavers to leading their blind to chasing down their outlaws.  Now, Kickass hears a rumor about the development of “Indecency Dogs,” a training program that would condition dogs to identify and locate indecency among humans so that it could be eliminated.

Unfortunately, incredible hotbeds of indecency—the gun industry, NRA, political money, and politicians themselves was so toxic to dogs’ sensitive noses that early training exposure left them unable to sniff out anything but the abject moral rot that permeates society at large and allows at least 100 people daily to be killed by guns, many of them children.

Yeah, Pogo, we know: IT IS US!


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