Kickass Insurance rant

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, would like to be helpful but understanding insurance is beyond him so he only tries to cover his ears with his paws as the keeper whines about backing into some rocks and denting his vehicle’s rear door and filing a claim and then finding out his monthly rates would go up if the insurance company (American Family) had to pay over $1,000 so when their share came to $1,700 he decided to withdraw the claim and pay the bill himself, but was told that he cannot really withdraw the claim but it will not show a payout, however the information of the “collision” will remain on file for eternity for other insurance companies to see.

The keeper says he has been paying AF for years and has not filed a claim and has not had a traffic ticket forever and he is damn mad about getting on an industry “blacklist” even though he did not cost them one red cent!

Kickass tells him now he knows how it feels to be taken to the vet to be “fixed.”

The keeper vented for a good 15 minutes and then when he switched over to attack the pharmaceutical companies and then ranted about the absurdity of insurance companies having ANY say in formulating health insurance, Kickass fell asleep and dreamed he was at the vets for a reversal procedure.


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