Kickass is not a coach

Kickass, the doorstop dog, waits while the keeper recalculates what his life might have been had he chose to go into coaching and then had the good fortune to rise to the top collegiate and professional ranks: As per recent UW news, he would have a free car–maybe two of them, a free country-club membership, his contract would pay him millions, and he would receive more millions if he got fired, which could happen if his “wins” come up short.

As it stands, the keeper and his ilk did not go into coaching and so do not have free cars and country-club memberships, multi-year million-dollar contracts and free-wheeling work schedules.

The keeper’s crowd of working stiffs also has no regrets about not being on the million-dollar coaching bandwagon: who wants to really care–and have their job depend on some kid catching an overthrown pass, unless, of course the kid is your son or grandson!

Good luck Luke Fickell. As an old UW grad, the keeper hopes you win

‘em all, but if you don’t you can buy one of those new cars and drive somewhere warm.

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