Kickass is not a pimp


Kickass, the doorstop dog, says you definitely can teach an old dog new tricks, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort.  Take the annoying tag line that the keeper has been attaching to the daily Kickass blog in the interests of selling his novel, Margaret’s War.  After several complaints, some from close family members, one of which said, “You sound like a pimp.” The keeper more or less saw the light and has decided to never again use the boring tag line.  Also, Margaret was not the kind of woman who should be associated with a pimp in any way.  So the keeper apologizes to all those who were bothered, offended, put-off or pissed by the keeper’s insensitive appropriation of social media for commercial purposes.  However, if you are interested in just what kind of a woman Margaret really was you will have to read his novel.

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