Kickass is not bugged

Kickass, the doorstop dog, impervious to bugs by dint of his cast-iron makeup, was not paying close attention this morning when the keeper listened to a UW lecture by Prof. Susan Paskewitz regarding mosquitoes and ticks and the diseases they bring to our enjoyment of summer in Wisconsin.

Noting that Wisconsin is a “hot-spot” for a number of these pestiferous residents, Prof. Paskewitz advises very close personal scrutiny after going out into the hinterlands, and also said there are 60 species of mosquitoes in the state, a half-dozen of them carrying various diseases.

Kickass tries not to feel smug about his bug resistant condition, but could not resist on this occasion.  It does not compare, however, to the keeper’s smugness in thinking he is impervious to political bullshit, because he isn’t.  He’s got “lyin’” disease and so do lots of others.  A hair-oriented louse obviously brought it in.  So what the hell do we do, Prof. Paskewitz?

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