Kickass is on the floor

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper joined Phyllis in a “strength exercise” class in which instructor Jo demonstrated how to wake up little-used muscles, among them the ones used to get up off the floor when you find yourself down there, either by intention or accident.  A coordination of arm and leg muscles is called for, Jo said, as is reaching for any nearby support such as a chair.

In practicing with the others from on-the-floor positions, it occurred to the keeper that there may be occasions when rather than getting up off the floor, it might be better to just stay there, such as recently when he inspected a troublesome baseboard wall socket.  The low-down location presented the opportunity to contemplate the insidious nature of gravity as it has slowly transitioned from friend to foe, and it gave an interesting view of the underside of the furniture, as well as signaling a nap possibility.

A version of “I’ve fallen and I’m not getting up,” came to mind, but the keeper was pretty sure Phyllis would have some doubts about his long-term floor location, so he had pulled himself up off the carpeting, using those obviously retired muscles and with the support of a table leg, and went about his business, such as it is.

Thank you, Jo.


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