Kickass is unleased


Kickass, the doorstop dog, rejoices with the keeper as he—the keeper, manages to extract himself from yet one more calamitous and stupid circumstance of his own making, that being his signing of a vehicular lease that was like paying big money to bear the pain of someone else’s headache, the automobile industry having assumed the financial proportions of the military-industrial complex.  As much fuel as the leased vehicle consumed, it was still no match for the gigantic $80,000 pickups that now dominate the roads as testimonial to the power of advertising and the gullibility of ego and phallis-driven males.   While shooting yourself in the foot can be considered a learning experience, the keeper recently bought an 18-year-old vehicle for a few hundred dollars and feels as if he might have put his male ego and the foot-shooting gun away, at least temporarily.

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