Kickass Jan. 10

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that at a recent meeting of the Kickass President Deniers (KPD) foundation there was considerable discussion about the attempts by the orange groper-narcissist and his blonde blabber-babe to try to convince us that he was not ridiculing the handicapped reporter when he did his bent-wrist arm wave and offensive vocal imitation.  KPD members decided that this unbelievable stupidity was yet another step in the orange-haired one’s promotion of cultural acceptance of narcissistic indecency.  Next will come incorporating his obscene actions into saying the pledge of allegiance at his brain-dead, me-me rallies. It promises to be an immediate hit.

After shouting the “NOPA-DOPA”  KPD motto and exchanging the middle fingers- hooked-together-and-then-raised-on-high KPD secret handshake, the KPD members read over the ten KPD commandments (See previous post) and decided to invite Meryl Streep to be guest speaker at the next meeting.  Kickass has some doubt as to her showing up, but as he likes to tell those of his kind who mark territory, “Aim high!”

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

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