Kickass joins flat earth society

Kickass, the doorstop dog, like Ron Reagan “not afraid of burning in hell,” is considering joining the Flat Earth Society which apparently accepts the most extreme nut cases and presumably offers an opportunity to jump off the edge which is more than you can say for a planetary sphere.

There have been recent indications that the sphere concept is hopeless as it pertains to occupancy by a species with the ability to build bombs big enough to eradicate all life forms except cockroaches, and with the inclination to select leaders who favor going for it.

Kickass plans to look over the edge of the flat earth, and if he does not see any sign of a good pizza place or a decent pub, he isn’t jumping.  In the meantime, he will do his best to console the Keeper who says the Earth is a football and Ron Reagan is throwing a Hail Mary.



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