Kickass joins the dumb

Kickass, the doorstop dog, hears the keeper’s confession that he recently joined the “dumbest” parade by expressing his opinion of some of Wisconsin’s prevailing political gerrymandered dumbness.

 In assessing the way this puts the keeper right in there with the dumbest of the dumb, consider the following:

         *Nobody cares what he thinks.

         *His claim on truth is subject to accusations of arrogance.

         *The tooth fairy is real to many people, as is Bigfoot.

         *Though he has a long history of “commenting,” he is not an authority on anything.

         *Had he been born into money, he would likely thumb his nose at the disenfranchised and put profit over poverty.

         *Given his advanced age, his concern for the future of the planet could be seen as frivolous.

         *He cannot shutup, as Phyllis well knows, and he has the ability to be dumb with the dumbest of them.

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