Kickass keeper hears a voice

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has still not recovered from an early morning experience when he woke in the pre-dawn darkness and, while still half asleep, used the remote to turn on the bedroom TV.  Hanging precariously between sleep and consciousness, he then heard a voice say, “Hi Bill!”  The voice sounded like one of his daughter-in-laws and his first thought was what the hell is she doing in my bedroom?  He then went on to concluding that he was lying-in-state or at least in a deep coma.

It all came clear—or as clear as anything ever comes for him, when he realized the TV had come to life exactly at that point in a Fed Ex commercial where the woman looks up from a counter and says, “Hi Bill!” to the delivery man.

Kickass thinks maybe the keeper should change his name, but not to “Donald.


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