Kickass killer cats

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says a member of the cat family—probably a lion but maybe a leopard and possible just a damn feral house cat, has been sharing the keeper’s hill for years and was most recently spotted walking down the driveway and then slinking off into the brush on a mission of no good, according to the keeper’s assessment.

The keeper said an article about cats that he once wrote for the Chicago Tribune’s Sunday Magazine pointed out that cats, even as well-fed pets, were the most effective bird killers on the rural and suburban scene.  Cat-loving readers threatened to run the keeper out of town, even though his cat facts were backed up by UW research on radio-collared farm cats.

The keeper said he is not comfortable with cat arrogance and that is why he keeps me around, for my subservience apparently.  Also, I do not eat birds, except for boneless fried chicken, of course.

Kickass will be chasing leopards and lions and alley cats at every opportunity.





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