Kickass killing by legislature

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper’s death at the hands of the Wisconsin Legislature is not as likely as it was yesterday thanks to his—the keeper’s Covid vaccination through the VA.

In an exercise of what might be called morbid fantasizing, the keeper has imagined that the headline on his obit might read: “Elderly former journalist killed by Wisconsin State Republicans and the Tavern League using Covid 19 as a weapon.”

On a day when the state Covid score broke records—more than a half million cases and over 5,000 deaths, the keeper eagerly responded to a call from the VA and received the first of two vaccinations.  His slightly sore arm is a reminder of the abject ignorance involved in the Covid pandemic becoming a partisan issue whereby the GOP favors infected victims sneezing on each other at mask-less parties.

Just how Wisconsin finds itself with a legislature so totally unresponsive to the voters, so lacking in compassion and common sense, and so downright stupid, is, of course, due to gerrymandering whereby legislators pick their voters instead of voters picking their legislators.

The keeper rejoices at temporarily ducking a GOP bullet of ignorance but is apprehensive about where the next one may come from, maybe when the Repubs take corporations and lending agencies off their protected list.  A revised fantasy obit headline may be in order: “Elderly former journalist dies destitute and owing millions.”

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