Kickass killing coyote cousins

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries not to get emotional about the fact that we are now in that season when people shoot coyotes just because they say it is a fun thing to do.  Kickass is not opposed to hunting—as an enjoyable exercise of predatory genes and the attendant food-on-the-table thing, but shooting a coyote—or a wolf, both distant Kickass cousins, doesn’t fit in there.

The basic question for Kickass is, how can one member of the canine clan—dogs, be such a beloved part of human culture—love, dog shows, billions of $ for food and treats and primping, and lying by the hearth like royalty, and then another canine, who simply has not learned how to play “fetch,”–how can it be that the wild one is shot just for the “fun” of it?

Kickass tried to ask the keeper but he said not to bother him because he was busy reading about billionaires making political and personal decisions for the riff-raff, of which he is one.  It is enough to make an old dog want to run out and sniff a coyote.

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