Kickass knows what he doesn’t know

Kickass, the doorstop dog, does not get into age issues often since the keeper seems to be a bit sensitive about being as old as Model A Fords, albeit the last year model.  But no matter the number, it was demonstrated to the keeper yesterday that you never get too old to learn, even about something a mundane as diesel engines.

Grandson Beau, who can fix anything, showed up to replace a part on the keeper’s utility tractor, and as the keeper tried to stay out of the way, Beau explained that once a diesel engine is running, the fuel in the cylinders is ignited by compression and not the “glow” plugs used in starting.

A small thing, you say.  Or, who cares?  Well, the keeper cares because all of his long life, frequently in the proximity of diesel engines, he had this misconception about how diesels really work.  Now if someone can straighten him out on his belief that there are little men inside his computer who hate him and do mean things to screw up his life, he would be most appreciative.  The message here, of course, is if you think you know something, you probably don’t.

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