Kickass Korean trade

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says his keeper is among those really old vets who served in Korea and has always smarted over the perception that too many loose ends were left in the “police action,” and that is the reason North Korea has this dingbat dictator.

The keeper says he is ready to volunteer to go over and finish the job.  He would like to parachute into Pyongyang and shave Kim Jong Un’s head.  Once deprived of a main identity characteristic, Kim might be willing to talk to other world leaders, even including Trump, assuming, of course, that Trump’s head was also shaved, which, the keeper says, he is also willing to do.

On the diplomatic side, since N. Korea can now reach Alaska with missiles, Kickass says why not give Alaska back to Russia– maybe in exchange for Siberia, which would obviously change Russia’s view of things, and make it easier for Sarah Palin to see Russia from her kitchen window.

Kickass will be training for the Iditarod now.




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