Kickass lands a fall

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, in his endless efforts to make life tolerable—even exciting, for his age group, recently conducted a very brief research project on how to execute a three-point landing using the index fingers and forehead.

Alert Kickass followers will conclude that such a research project would necessarily involve falling, which is something many older people greatly fear, particularly this time of year with all the ice and snow. The keeper, however, declines to discuss “falling” since the topic here today is “landing.”

There remains some mystery as to how the landing left the keeper with sprained index fingers and a gash on his forehead, and NASA researchers have expressed interest. They will find no connection with libations of any kind since at the time of the “landing,” the keeper was making the bed, or, as it turns out, almost making the bed, and he says there certainly is not any ice in the bedroom he shares with Phyllis–a little snow maybe, and even occasional drifting, but no ice.


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