Kickass life and death in spring


Kickass, the doorstop dog, observes that in this season of life’s great renewal there is also some death, and this point was vividly made by the tiny dead robin on the deck floor just below the beam where the nest is located.  It could have been only hours from its blue-egg incubation, and its vulnerable thin-skinned form spoke to the fragility of life’s beginnings.  The keeper blames the gang of raucous bluejays that has been rioting around the house looking for trouble.  Once he watched as jays emptied a birdhouse of young birds by simply plucking them out of the entrance one-by-one as the young innocents stuck their heads out in anticipation of parental provisions.  There had been no way to really intercede as there would have been no way to interfere with the tiny robin’s fate.  That’s just the way this life and death thing is, for robins and jays and for us.  There’s a lot of luck involved and now as another spring wraps its arms around the Earth, Kickass  says to appreciate that luck and toss the little dead robin down where the feral ridge cat can find it.

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