Kickass list of the despised

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is late today.  He’s been making a list of the despised:

  1. Those who think the 2nd amendment written in the days of muskets and horse shit in the streets is somehow necessary in order to have a hunting shotgun in the closet.
  • Those NRA members who think…oh hell, ALL NRA members who pay dues to support an outfit that bribes the stupid among us to believe that guns don’t kill and assault rifles are somehow authorized in the Bible and should be taken to church
  1. All those legislators who know that 90 percent of the people want at least some background checks, but have sold their putrid souls to the NRA.
  2. All the rest of us who shrug and say there is nothing we can do.
  3. And finally, God Himself, who must get a lot of laughs out of those “thoughts and prayers” and can be nothing but a sadist in the eyes of grieving parents.

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