Kickass living like a turkey


Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that if you think life is tough due to the coronavirus, thank your lucky stars you are not a turkey.  Wisconsin’s spring turkey hunting season is in full swing—running through May 26, and thousands of tom turkeys will be shot for simply looking for a little action.  Imagine that, the keeper says, and adds that it puts a whole new perspective on the turkeys having lost the historic national-symbol battle to the bald eagle.  While eagles are adulated with webcams watching their every reproductive related move, turkeys are shot and killed for doing some of the very same things.  Life, of course, is rarely fair, but this seems extreme.  It perhaps speaks to the fact of smarter turkeys moving into metropolitan areas where they can do whatever they want in the name of love while avoiding the rural threat of buckshot, albeit constantly threatened by traffic.

While the keeper is normally anxious to promote the natural parallels in his life, he says the move that he and Phyllis recently made from more rural environs into the Madison metropolitan area should not be compared to any “smart” turkey behavior.   It—their move, was simply taking their nesting out of the webcam view and into a more secure setting.  They are, of course, eagles.

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