Kickass looking a bluebird in the eye

Kickass, the doorstop dog, was watching as the keeper underwent yet another lengthy treatment in his “dumbing-down” recliner when a bluebird landed on the window sill only a couple of feet from the keeper’s eyes.  He—the keeper and the bird looked each other in the eye in closer proximity than either of them had ever experienced, and it is safe to assume that the bird was the lesser impressed.

The keeper, on the other hand, was motivated to go out and clean the bluebird houses, and while doing so, thought how neat it would be if the bottom of the White House could be dropped down and all the trash removed so a fresh start could be made.

At one of the oldest bluebird houses, there was evidence of some serious bird remodeling, and the keeper will be watching to see if it is still acceptable to new occupants.  It probably will be, and so would the White House.

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