Kickass looks for outrage

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has asked him—Kickass, to assist in the search for Wisconsin outrage.  It was last identified when Walker “dropped the bomb” of Act 10 making second class citizens out of public employees, especially teachers.  The outrage at that time became a recall election that Walker used millions in out-of-state money to win so he could stay in office and decimate a respected DNR, destroy sensible transportation plans and ignore the pleas of thousands of citizens trying to deal with cow shit-contaminated drinking water.

There have been recent signs that Wisconsin outrage may rise up again as the defeated Repubs move to strip power from the newly elected Tony Evers administration by using the gerrymandered redistricting that put the Repubs in office despite losing the popular vote.

To control the objectionable/outrageous behavior of dogs there are such things as choke collars, electric shock collars, neutering, leashes, obedience classes, muzzles  and high-pitched dog whistles, none of which seem to hold much promise in making the Repubs acceptable leaders.  What is needed is a degree of Wisconsin outrage that would make herding the Repubs toward the vet’s office not entirely out of the question.





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