Kickass loves Saturdays


Kickass, the doorstop dog, wonders about Saturday.  What is its magic?  The keeper says it has to do with childhood conditioning, most strongly exercised by there being no school on Saturday, and the sense of freedom that came with that.  There is something very personal about Saturday.  It’s hours are the low hanging fruit of life, and it has no cultural or behavior rituals or demands like the other days.  Saturday can get overwhelmed with plans and errands and maintenance tasks, but it is often rescued by good old procrastination.  The keeper loves procrastination, and claims to be a leader in that regard, having once put off fixing what he thought was a broken bathroom light for 13 years—that would be 676 Saturdays, only to be informed by a son that the light just needed a new bulb.  This Saturday, the keeper plans to put a coat of varnish on the weathering picnic table.  Ha!

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