Kickass magnifies the problem

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper was slouched at what he audaciously calls his “work station,” when a wisp of smoke suddenly began to twist up from a tiny spot on a yellow computer cable.  It grew quickly and drew the keeper’s attention as a real threat, not only to the combustible clutter on his desk but to his becoming a perverted early personal version of Friday fish fry.  Using his uncanny analytical ability, the keeper determined that a hand-held magnifying glass in a stand on his desk had captured the morning sun and focused it precisely on the yellow cable, and all hell was about to break loose unless something was done. The keeper quickly moved the magnifying glass; and the wire immediately stopped smoking.  Following these heroics, the keeper then went on to formulate a warning of yet one more hazard for senior citizens: magnifying glasses.  As necessary as they are to read the instructions on pizza boxes and medicine containers, magnifying glasses should be stored in a drawer if the sun is shining. (If you think you are too young to relate to this magnifying warning, just wait.)

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