Kickass makes White House soup

Kickass, the doorstop dog, absent the scene the past couple of days due to gluttony and the warm Thanksgiving embrace of family and friends–a circumstance that spread across the country like high pressure sunshine, wonders how a nation of such caring and sharing can be on the world stage for tear-gassing and arresting desperate people who are simply seeking survival and relief from an intolerable situation in their chaotic birth countries?

As one who presided over an exceptional Thanksgiving celebration, the keeper finds that as the news breaks on Monday morning, of chaos at the border and the orange idiot in the White House demanding money for his stupid wall and attacking lawful immigrants and threatening to shut down the government if he does not get his narcissistic way, then the incongruity of a decent and charitable populace being transformed into denizens of the World’s outhouse, that all really gets to him, and to me, and I am made of cast iron.

So my advice to the keeper is to review the delights of the past Thanksgiving  weekend, and try to find out just what the hell he can do to help make palatable political soup out of the left-over turkey carcass in the White House.

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