Kickass march to the tavern

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper plans to follow the example of his age-group friend Chan and march with the students Saturday—albeit in a satellite location that will have him marching down to the tavern where he qualifies as a student at the school of hard knocks.

There, in the company of similarly qualified students, he will flail at the NRA greed and stupidity that legally prohibits the NHI from researching gun deaths as a health issue; and he will bemoan the backbreaking, bankruptcy-immune student loans the bank industry holds over grandchildren, and he will maybe pound the bar with his fist and curse the absurdity of a do-nothing government faced with the slaughter of first-graders and high school students.

Then, he may ask himself and his fellow students just how the hell this all happened on his/their watch, and then he will probably answer his own question by having another beer.

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