Kickass marks 9/11 and 90

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that on this date–9/11– forever marked by death, the keeper celebrates 90 years of life with an open house birthday party at the Promenade in downtown Mazomanie where he will give away books he has authored and souvenirs from a play–“Naked At Amazo;” and share a family sponsored lunch with guests.

He—the keeper, and Phyllis, hope you will join them and the rest of his gang starting around 2 pm.

That the birthday event coincides with Mazomanie’s Wild West Days was not planned, but seems somehow appropriate: after the party, there will likely be either truck races or a demolition derby down at the park.

Like everyone, the keeper remembers that awful 9/11/01 day—when he was brought up short in commiserating about being 70 years old by the horrible news of the terrorist attacks.  He watched TV with his daughter Pat, whose life was recently cut short, and he is left to ponder the fate that has given him the privilege of so many years in a world where the end of life is part of the essential cycle.

Help him celebrate that eternal verity—come to the party!


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