Kickass McCain and Aretha day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper watched Joe Biden talk about McCain on a morning show and then had Aretha singing “I need you,” as he ate breakfast, and he had something of a meltdown, thinking of those two wonderful human beings gone.

Like all meltdowns, however, they must become intensely personal if they are to have meaning, and so the keeper was, in a sense, grieving for himself, not so much for the McCain/Aretha endings that come to all things, but for the shortness of life in general and his specifically, though he is beating the averages.

The keeper snapped out of his space trip finally with the realization that today is a great day and he is part of it, and he owes it to McCain and Aretha to shake the hell out of it to maybe make it better for somebody else, and for himself, of course.  Everybody sing!

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